Input Specificity and the Propagation of Idiosyncratic Shocks in Production Networks
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2016, Volume131, Issue 3, Pages 1543-1592

with Julien Sauvagnat (Bocconi)

Investor Horizon and the Life Cycle of Innovative Firms: Evidence from Venture Capital
ForthcomingManagement Science


Trade Credit and Industry Dynamics: Evidence from Trucking Firms
Journal of Finance, 2016, Volume 71, Issue 5, Pages 1975–2016
[pdf]   Winner of the Brattle Group Distinguished Paper Prize

Are Retail Traders Compensated for Providing Liquidity?
Journal of Financial Economics, 2016, Volume 120, Issue 1, Pages 146-168

with Ron Kaniel (University of Rochester) and David Sraer (Berkeley)

Working papers

The Globalization Risk Premium
Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Finance

with Erik Loualiche (MIT) and Julien Sauvagnat (Bocconi)

Can Paying Firms More Quickly Affect Aggregate Employment?  
Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Finance

with Ramana Nanda (Harvard)
[pdf] [NBER Working Paper w22420]

Import Competition and Household Debt
with Erik Loualiche (MIT), Matthew Plosser (NY Fed) and Julien Sauvagnat (Bocconi) 

[pdf]   Best paper in Corporate Finance at the SFS Finance Cavalcade